Welcome to Online Counselling at West Kootenay Counselling Services.


Video Counselling is done via OnCall Health. OnCall Health is a secure video portal which helps protect your confidentiality using encryption technology. Both users need to be online at the same time, and it is free for the client to use. Though OnCall Health is a HIPAA compliant software, there are still some risks to your personal information due to the nature of online counselling.  To learn more please view our Informed consent form and the OnCall Health webiste: : oncallhealth


Chat Counselling is done via OnCall Health (see Video Counselling above). Both users must be online at the same time.


Email Counselling can be done using your own email address however to increase your confidentiality it is recommended to use encrypted email systems.



– Receive counselling services in the comfort of your     own home
– Engage in therapy at a time that is convenient for       you
– No commute, parking or time concerns
– Suitable for those with physical disabilities
– Helpful if you have limited transportation
– Convenient if you live in a rural community



– Become comfortable quickly communicating in your     own space
– Avoid seeing someone you know while seeing a         cousellor in public
– You may write emails in the moments when you are    feeling overwhelmed



Our counsellors are certified online e-therapists. We are able to offer eTherapy services from our virtual office via video, chat or email. These services enable you to receive counselling services in the comfort of your own space and on your own time.



Client confidentiality is of utmost importance, however online communication is not 100% secure. There are risks involved and it is important that you are aware that we cannot guarantee your protection. All information is secured on the counsellors’ end according to HIPAA policy regulation.

Issues not Supported by Online Counselling


There are specific personal concerns that online clinical counselling is unable to support. These include but are not limited to:


– suicidal thoughts or intent
– thoughts of harming self or others
– acute psychiatric episodes


If you are experiencing any of these concerns and need immediate support, please call 911 or your local crisis line for support.
It is also important to contact your doctor or seek help from a friend or relative.



Email, Video and Chat Counselling | Please inquire for rates! Rates vary depending on type and length of eTherapy services. Payment for online counselling is due prior to your appointment. We accept Paypal payment, Visa, MasterCard, or Email Money Transfer. Please contact us to provide payment.

Most insurance providers provide coverage for counselling services with a BC Registered Clinical Counsellor or BC Registered Social Worker. Please contact your provider to ensure you are covered. Okanagan Clinical Counselling Services works with several government agencies and provincial subsidy providers and there may be a means to have your counselling subsidized. Please contact us to review these options.



You must be at least 18 years of age to legally consent for online counselling with Okanagan Clinical Counselling Services. If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or guardian must provide consent.

Please click on the link below and fill out the form in order to proceed and receive our services.


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