West Kootenay Counselling Services is proud to offer Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services for alcohol and substance abuse. The program is comprised of an assessment, intensive individual therapy and community group meetings. The program is for individuals who are self-driven and looking for specific individualized support through their recovery

1. Assessment


Nicole offers a free 1-hour initial consultation to assess and discuss the clients’ current readiness towards change, to discover their level of drug and alcohol use, to review other life factors and any concerns they may have. The assessment will demonstrate the client’s motivation and suitability for outpatient services.


2. Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOT)


The Intensive Outpatient Treatment program is ten weeks long and three sessions per week. Evenings are available upon request. Sessions will typically last 1-1.5 hrs. The total length of treatment time may vary depending on a client’s initial assessment and personal needs.


This program includes:


  •  Psycho Educational Sessions – Understanding Addictions & Recovery
  • Treatment Goals & Relapse Prevention
  • Homework, Readings & Research
  • Cost/Benefit Of Use Analysis
  • Socio-Emotional Clinical Counselling
  • Family Involvement & Education
  • Community Group Processes


Following the completion of IOT, clients are encouraged to maintain monthly follow up meetings (Aftercare Sessions) for 6 months.

Who is IOT best suited for?


Outpatient Services is a unique recovery program that meets particular needs. They are not suitable for simply anyone. The assessment a client receives will demonstrate it’s suitability, however, the program is best suited for those who:


  • Cannot take time off work or leave family
  • Do not need detoxification services
  • Cannot afford inpatient services
  • Do not struggle with severe medical or psychological issues
  • Have a substance abuse problem rather than a substance dependence problem
  • Are motivated towards their treatment
  • Have a safe home environment



Assessment: Free of charge
Intensive Outpatient Treatment | 10 weeks, 2 sessions/week + external support: $1,800 +gst
Aftercare program | 6 monthly meetings: $450 +gst

Nicole Ripley is a Masters-Level, Registered Clinical Counsellors with a specialized focus on Addictions.


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